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Our Services
We offer a complete range of professional tree care services, many of which are available year-round.

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All tree care services will be performed under the direct supervision of an ISA Certified Arborist. Our mission as a company is to exceed customer expectations and produce the highest quality of tree care services available. If we cannot do it safely, then we will not do it at all. To this end, all of our work is done in accordance with ANSI A300 Performance Standards for Tree Care Operations and ANSI Z133.1 Safety Standards.

We price every job with the goal of earning repeat business from our clients.
We want to be able to spend enough time on your property to provide the highest level of quality, safety, and attention to detail, including superior cleanup before we leave. You will find our pricing to be fair, consistent, and competitive with other high quality and similarly qualified tree care companies.

Tree Preservation
Trees are frequently removed unnecessarily. Emphasizing preventative maintenance, our holistic and tree-friendly approach offers solutions to help your trees thrive and reduce large unexpected tree removal costs in the future. When our arborists look at trees, we are looking for solutions rather than problems.

Supplemental Support Systems: Some trees have structural defects that need supplemental support. Examples are cabling, bracing, propping, and guying. Every system is designed with the structure and species of the tree in mind. We do not take the common cookie-cutter approach to placement and hardware selection, because this can do more harm than good in the long term. Instead, we specify the right solution for each individual situation.

Lightning Protection Systems: Lightning is not only dangerous, but it can be lethal to trees when it is attracted to tall, exposed trees and uses the trees vascular system as its path to reach the ground. This can cause irreparable damage to the living conductive tissue of the tree. Many homeowners in lightning-prone locations have a lightning protection system (LPS) installed on their home. LPS for trees function similarly, by providing the best path to ground in the event of a lightning strike.

Tree Health Care: Healthy trees are more resistant to pests, disease, and environmental stress. We offer a comprehensive array of services to keep your healthy trees healthy and vigorous. We can also diagnose and treat stressed and declining trees with the help of careful assessment, lab analysis and our custom treatment plans. Our arborists are trained to detect subtle issues which may only be visible to the trained eye, and these can be addressed before they become major problems. We emphasize natural and organic solutions, and our Integrated Pest Management-based treatment approach is environmentally responsible and effective.

Invasive Insects: We are knowledgeable about the invasive insects threatening trees in our region. Our team includes a VT Forest Pest First Detector and multiple State-Licensed Applicators. We offer environmentally responsible, effective solutions to protect your trees.

Drought Management: We can provide your trees with the nutrients and hydration that they need to survive drought conditions before it's too late.

Proper fertilization, feeding, and organic mulch to simulate the optimal growing conditions of rich forest soils.

Soil and Root Management: Healthy soil for healthy plants. From correcting nutrient deficiencies to improving soil structure, we have the solutions for the long-term health of your trees and landscape. One of the most important and most often overlooked aspects of tree care, the root system requires maintenance just like the crown. Using specialized high pressure air tools, we can alleviate compacted soil so roots can thrive. Periodic inspection and maintenance of the area where the tree meets the earth can do wonders for the prevention of disease and decline. We can also help mitigate conflicts between tree roots and construction projects, underground utilities, foundations, and hardscapes.

Fine Pruning
We are knowledgeable about proper pruning and consider the specific needs of each tree species and life stage. From periodic maintenance to more extensive structural pruning, we are able to recommend proper pruning for your trees:

  • Establish pruning objectives - what are the goals for pruning?
  • Consider pruning cycle: how often should the tree be pruned?
  • Specify types of pruning to achieve objectives:

Crown Cleaning: When done properly, this routine maintenance pruning accelerates natural processes to increase the tree's longevity and beauty. Crown cleaning involves the selective pruning of crossing, crowded, rubbing, weakly attached, broken, diseased and dead branches. This gives mature trees the help they need to promote health and vigor, improve sun and airflow, and help the tree's resources be used more efficiently. Our arborists work systematically throughout the tree, carefully considering each pruning cut before making it.

Deadwooding: Removing dead branches improves aesthetics and reduces the risk of them falling on people or property. It also helps the tree heal the area to inhibit entry by harmful pathogens, many of which are attracted to dead branches as a food source.

Crown Raising: This is the practice of removing lower branches to increase the distance from the ground to the beginning of the crown. This is often done for aesthetic reasons, to open up a view, or to gain clearance for vehicles or lawnmowers.

Young tree pruning: Young trees need periodic structural pruning once they become established. This reduces the need for structural pruning as the tree matures. The way the tree is pruned when it is young defines its structure for the rest of its life.

Clearance Trimming: This may be implemented when tree branches are encroaching on a building, powerline, roadway, driveway, parking lot, satellite dish or solar panels. It is important that not too much foliage be removed from the tree at once, and that proper pruning cuts are made so that the tree will be able to heal.

Restoration pruning: Trees that have been damaged or improperly pruned may require special pruning to restore their structure.

Thinning and Crown Reduction: This is sometimes recommended as a mitigation option for trees that have outgrown their planting site. It is most often implemented by us for large trees to reduce the weight of overextended branches, or reduce the amount of load being applied to a structural defect.

Vine removal: Vines can become an aesthetic problem and also a tree health problem. Our arborists can systematically work throughout a tree to remove troublesome vines.

Fruit tree pruning: Proper fruit tree pruning involves a unique skillset. Our arborists are knowledgeable about the art and science of fruit tree pruning, and the specific needs of various species. From periodic maintenance to extensive restoration, we can enhance the ornamental value and fruit production of your tree or orchard.

Regarding improper pruning practices:
It is important to avoid improper pruning, such as topping cuts, over-pruning, or using climbing spikes on any tree except a removal. These practices often permanently damage a tree's structure and health. Excessive stress and wounding makes trees more vulnerable to pests and disease. As tree health declines, they can become dangerous, ugly and eventually require expensive removal or restoration pruning. Please see our Links page for more information on the definition of topping and why topping hurts trees.

Precision Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

We offer expert tree removal using modern, safe, and controlled techniques. Whether you are considering having 1 tree, 20 trees, or 100+ trees removed, we have the knowledge, experience, equipment, and staff to provide you with efficient and cost-effective solutions with superior cleanup and the lowest possible impact to your property. We have many approaches available depending on the level of equipment access, and the scale of the project. We can take a tree down in many pieces, carefully lowering each piece to the ground. While we like to first consider other mitigation options, some trees may need to be removed:

  • Some trees may pose an unacceptable level of risk due to structural defects, site conditions, or because the species is prone to failure.

  • Dead trees have a higher risk of structural failure. It is safer and more economical to remove a dying tree before it is dead.

  • Perhaps it is too late or impossible to mitigate health problems.

  • Healthy trees are sometimes removed because the right tree was planted in the wrong place, such as too close to a building, right-of-way, or utility line. Trees frequently outgrow their planting location.

Stump grinding is available to complement our tree removal services. We always "flush cut" all our stumps low and level with the ground whenever possible. You may also be interested in our gourmet mushroom inoculation services as an alternative to stump grinding.

Mushroom Inoculation

We offer stump & log inoculation with gourmet mushrooms including shiitake, oyster, chicken of the woods, turkey tail and lion's mane. Growing edible/medicinal mushrooms is an alternative to stump grinding and a great use for stumps or logs from your tree care project.

View Enhancement

We offer a wide variety of approaches and equipment to meet your view enhancement goals.

In some cases, we can enhance your view by pruning rather than removing trees, or by selectively thinning rather than clearing.

Our goal is to provide sustainable and cost-effective options to enhance your view.



Storm Damage Mitigation

Storm damaged trees present a unique set of hazards. You can count on our team to assess and properly mitigate storm damaged trees on your property. We provide prompt written proposals to you and/or your insurance company. From pruning broken or hanging branches, to removing trees from buildings or vehicles, we have you covered. We can also provide tarp/board up service, along with our meticulous cleanup.

Woodland Services and Land Management

  • Benefits of Forestry Mulching: slash, stumps, and entire trees are mulched in place with NO burning of material or digging of stumps necessary, reduced impact to soil structure, hydrology, and erosion compared to extracting all of the material.
    Applications include clearing, thinning, glading, eliminating logging slash, ROW contruction/maintenance, solar installations, ponds and diffucult terrain that a brush hog cannot access, tree material of ANY size that a brush hog cannot mow.

  • Land & View Clearing: various environmentally friendly approaches are available for the complete management of land clearing projects large and small.

  • Trail, path, driveway, right-of-way clearing and maintenance trimming.

  • Overgrown Field and Hedgerow Restoration: uncover stone walls, fields, views, and other natural and historical features of your property. Best of all, we can help you make a plan to keep it that way!

  • Lower Impact Timber Harvesting: Our highly experienced team can selectively harvest trees to make room for the next generation and improve the quality, safety, and value of your woodlot, all while treading as lightly as possible on your property. The finished product will demonstrate responsible management and meet landowner goals for aesthetics and recreation. We can manage the whole process from start to finish, and we also work with some of the leading foresters in the region.

  • Timber Stand Improvement: selective thinning to promote the health, vigor, quality, and aesthetics of your woodlands.

  • Invasive Plant Control: for the health and beauty of your woodlands and to promote the growth of desirable native plant species. Our goal is to use the lowest impact methods practical for effective control. It is never too soon for us to go for a walk in your woods, and evaluate any invasive plant problems before they become serious problems.

Tick & Mosquito Control

Each program is customized for your property. Please contact us for a free estimate.

  • Safe for children, pets & the environment

  • Highly effective control of ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, flies & other nuisance insects

  • Natural & Conventional Options are available

  • Conventional program provides longer residual control after each application - 4-6 weeks for flying pests and 2-3 months for ticks

  • Our treatments are carefully selected and applied to prevent risk to pollinators and the environment

  • Nervous about spraying? We can apply a perimeter boundary only (effective for ticks but not flying insects)

Tree Health Care Division

  • Comprehensive Treatment Plans available

  • Complete Apple Orchard / Fruit Tree Spraying Programs

  • Preventative/curative treatment of destructive pests and diseases
    including, but not limited to:
    Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA), Balsam Woolly Adelgid (BWA),
    Bronze Birch Borer (BBB), Dutch Elm Disease (DED), and Needlecast diseases

  • Deep Root Feeding and Fertilization - healthy trees and shrubs require less intervention!

  • We provide effective and environmentally responsible solutions for nearly any situation, and we stay up to date on current advancements in the field to bring you cost-effective, sustainable solutions.

  • Please note that many modern treatments are applied via soil or trunk injection rather than actually spraying.

Arboricultural Consulting

If you are in need of consultation beyond the scope of a free estimate, you may be interested in our consulting arborist services. Our goal here is to provide you with information so that you can make more informed decisions for managing your trees.

  • Tree Risk Assessment (ISA TRAQ) Levels 1-3: Industry-standard system of assessing and mitigating tree risk

  • Tree Protection: planning to control tree damage before site work/construction

  • Diagnosis & comprehensive tree health care treatment plans

  • Tree & Site Evaluation: from a basic report to a long-term management plan

  • Establishing advanced work specifications (i.e. those requiring aerial inspection, complex supplemental support systems, etc.)

  • Planning Before Planting: tree selection to suit planting site and soil conditions

  • Tree Inventory and Emerald Ash Borer Planning: GIS-based inventory for managing larger tree populations

  • Tree-related disputes




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