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What Insurance do you have? We carry General Liability, Workers Compensation, and Commercial Auto coverage that meets or exceeds what is required by law. Proof of insurance is available upon request.

Do you offer free woodchips and recycled wood? Yes, please call for availability. We are able to haul away all wood and woodchips from our jobs for sustainable recycling/disposal, or leave for our customers to use. These materials are often available free of charge, plus trucking costs in some cases.

Can I save money by helping or by doing the clean-up myself? Rarely. We don't like to leave a mess on your property. We actually get most trimming and removals done more efficiently and safely when we are able to clean-up as we go. For insurance reasons, we cannot have any customers help.

Do you use wound dressing on pruning cuts? While this is largely an obsolete practice, we will use such products if they are necessary for specific situations. Not all of these products are created equal - some are toxic to trees and/or actually slow down the natural wound healing process.

Do you offer stump grinding? Stump grinding is available to compliment our tree removal services. We always "flush cut" all our stumps low and level with the ground whenever possible. You may also be interested in our gourmet mushroom inoculation services, which are an alternative to stump grinding and may eventually rot out the stump.

Do you offer firewood, lawn care, landscaping, or snow removal? We do not offer these services, but would be happy to refer you to another professional. Please see our Services page or contact us for information about our professional arborist services.

Do you still service the Champlain Valley region of VT? We have permanently relocated to our Southern Vermont location, and no longer service beyond Rutland Co., but would be happy to refer you to a local certified arborist serving your area.

Will you "top" my trees? No. We follow the International Society of Arboriculture Code of Ethics, and the ANSI A300 Pruning Standards. Please see our Services page for information on our Pruning/Trimming services. Regarding "topping" - It is important to avoid improper pruning, such as topping cuts, over-thinning, or using climbing spikes on any tree except a removal. These practices often permanently damage a tree's structure and health. Excessive stress and wounding makes trees more vulnerable to pests and disease. As tree health declines, they can become dangerous, ugly and eventually require expensive removal or restoration pruning. Please see our Links page for more information.




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